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We are Brooklyn’s newest publisher, presently focusing on the work of Nathaniel Altman, a Brooklyn-based writer known for his books about peace studies, nature, alternative healing, metaphysics and palmistry. We have recently expanded our titles to include those of other writers.

We publish some of Nathaniel’s out-of-print books in both print-on-demand and e-book formats. Our first offerings include an expanded and updated edition of The Nonviolent Revolution, first published in England by Element Books in 1989. This was followed by a revised and updated edition of Sacred Trees, originally published by Sierra Club Books in 1999. In June 2017, we published The Spiritual Tool Chest (in two volumes), a revised and updated edition of The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Meditations, Prayers and Blessings, first published by Sterling in 2000.

Our most recent title is a new edition of the spiritual classic The Science of Prayer by Ernest Egerton Wood.

Our name: Gaupo comes from the traditional Chinese 高坡, meaning "high slope." Because we are located at the highest point in Park Slope, directly facing Prospect Park, we feel that the name works for us. This is also the reason for our logo.


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