All Life is Sacred




For over half a century, Sadhu T. L. Vaswani (1879 – 1966) championed the cause of animal rights and compassion for all living beings. To him, other animals are "members of the One Great Family of God” that deserve our respect, care and protection.

Long out of print, All Life is Sacred brings together some of the spoken words and writings of this great spiritual leader, political activist and humanitarian. The thoughts contained in this volume sprang from the heart of a holy man who was touched with sorrow at the cruelties that humans inflict on other living beings. His goal was to inspire compassion and awaken us to the responsibilities we have towards members of what he called "the speechless world.”

Although first published shortly after his passing in 1966, Sadhu Vaswani’s message of respect and compassion remains more important and timely than ever. It should be taught in every classroom!

This eBook is published with the kind permission of Gita Publishing House (Pune, India).


All Life is Sacred. Gaupo Publishing, April 2022. eBook edition, 162 pages: Free download (.pdf format).

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