The Science of Prayer



In addition to offering solace in times of need, prayer has been used throughout human history to help people tread the often difficult path of spiritual understanding, healing and integration. Although primarily directed at a Christian audience, The Science of Prayer has universal appeal. First published in 1926 and long out of print, this little gem offers both timely and practical guidance on the purpose and practice of prayer, as well as the role of both concentration and meditation in the quest for spiritual unfoldment and inner peace.


Table of Contents

Foreword to this Edition    
Foreword to Original Edition    
Chapter 1. Varieties of Prayer    
Chapter 2. Imagination    
Chapter 3. Concentration    
Chapter 4. Meditation  
Chapter 5. Contemplation and Worship    
About the Author  
Index    (print version only)         


Ernest Egerton Wood (1883 – 1965) was a noted English yogi, Sanskrit scholar, educator, lecturer, author and prominent member of the Theosophical Society. He was a founder of the Theosophical College at Madanapalle, Founder and Principal of the Sind National College at Hyderabad (both in India) and President and Dean of the American Academy of Asian Studies in San Francisco. In addition to his translations of yoga texts, Prof. Wood authored hundreds of articles and over a dozen books, including The Seven Rays, Concentration: An Approach to Meditation and Rāja Yoga.

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